E.P.I.C.: Wishmaster Adventures

E.P.I.C.: Wishmaster Adventures 32.0

A casual HOG adventure game with a futuristic storyline
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E.P.I.C. Wishmaster Adventures is a casual adventure game with a futuristic storyline. The game presents the same old gameplay style of the popular casual games and is based on the search of hidden objects.

In Wishmaster Adventures you play Susan, a teen orphan that works for her rude uncle on a bee farm. She knows nothing about her real father, except for the pendant he gave her when she was a child, which seems to be the center of the conflict. In an attempt to steal the pendant, Susan is abducted by aliens and after a while finds herself lost in a flying island, where she will try to escape as she learns the true story about her origins.

The game plays out mainly as a point-and-click puzzle in different areas that present objects to find and a scarce number of hidden-object scenes to solve. Items will be stored in your inventory, and from there, you can combine them to create new tools, interact with the environment in different ways, and complete puzzles.

The problem with the game is that the story is not that really solid; at moments it makes no sense at all, and it's hard to figure out how to solve some puzzles. This may result in you getting stuck and lost more than often, a fact that is complicated by the lack of a guide or tutorial that lets you follow the strange logic of this story. There are many dialogs between Susan and the characters she encounters along the way, with dialog choices included, which are meant to be humorous and don't actually have any impact on the story.

In short, E.P.I.C. Wishmaster Adventures is a game that I personally found a bit disappointing, mostly because what starts as a promising sci-fi story that sets apart from the dark-themed HOG games around, soon takes an absurd turn that makes it hard to keep the interest in the gameplay.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Some fun moments
  • Some mini games are clever
  • Two games modes


  • Absurd storyline
  • Frustrating gameplay
  • Graphics are average
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